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04_MOXTEK_Logo.jpgMOXTEK® Inc. is manufacturer of x-ray and optical components for a variety of applications. MOXTEK Inc. was founded in 1986 and today company is well known for advanced technology, innovative solutions and excellent customer service. MOXTEK is one of the first companies to produce miniature x-ray tubes. In addition, MOXTEK manufactures Beryllium and ultra thin polymer (ProLINE) x-ray windows, Si-PIN detectors. MOXTEK X-ray components are used in high performance X-ray instruments for a variety of applications including microanalysis, spectroscopy, EDXRF, WDXRF, XRF and XRD.

MOXTEK is also skilled in the technology and manufacture of specialized optical wire-grid polarizers in the visible wavelengths. Polarizing beamsplitters (PBS/PBF series) are used in HTPS and LCoS engines. MOXTEK is also developing the ProFlux™ Ultra for the Ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths, an Inorganic Absorptive and Infrared (IR) polarizers to meet the needs of OEM manufactures all over the world.

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